Services in support of business from KALAMARIS GROUP LTD.
Our experience can give you great insight on every aspect of asset management and infrastructure. Our consultancy service applies the experience to create a bright future-oriented strategies that will lead you ahead in the game. The result is a practical and effective approach that we can apply to you, or you can apply yourself. Carbon management, sustainability, energy efficiency, cost reduction, risk mitigation, change management, external and common services like these are just some of the areas where we can provide real competitive advantage.
The Business Consultants of Kalamaris Consulting TM support clients develop their businesses in a structured manner leading to growth. We are offering our clients, who are mainly active in the tourism, retail, food, construction and energy sectors, lasting solutions in the field of strategy, mar...See more
Our mission is to help our partners to recover their money quickly and efficiently and at the same time to keep their image clean and intactOur managers possess in-depth knowledge and experience in debt collection gained while holding key positions in banking and non-banking financial institutio...See more
The company KALAMARIS PLEASURE HOME ™, founded in 2004, has been working, under the Bulgarian quality hospitality market. Our accommodation in Sofia&Plovdiv has been meticulously designed by professional artisans to provide a sense of comfort and well being. Each unit provides a range of possibi...See more
The main scope of activities of the company SONEL MED LTD, Sofia is carrying out medical services and consultations, as well as activities related to their provision. The company has highly qualified medical specialists having long practice and experience in the area of clinical medicine, occupa...See more
We at Kalamaris Group strive to always be an adequate partner for our customers. Therefore we offer delivery and service of all office supplies, office equipment and accessories for office work. For the needs of business we deliver the full range office consumables from the paper to the supplies...See more
KALAMARIS GROUP LTD has a storehouse available where things, furniture and equipment can be stored and personnel which can protect and manage them....See more
During its existence KALAMARIS GROUP LTD proved to be a serious business partner and correct executants of services in the sphere of moving offices, transport services and providing storehouse facilities....See more
For our partners (clients) who are they interested in receiving a high-quality service for the satisfaction of their needs, in combination with prompt delivery and direct cost of transportation.Οur company has taken action in the sensitive area of groupages, widening in this way the range ...See more
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